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Don't know where this came from at all but it was fun to write.

Author: Moonlite_tryst (aka Luciology)
Title: A Little Touch of James in the Morning
Pairing: JP/SM
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: 523

People thought it was easy being James Potter, the eldest son of the golden boy, but James could tell them a thing a two. Like how hard it was to shine as an individual with his own strengths and weaknesses, rather than being compared to good old dad. How hard it was to attract the attention of the man he wanted so much he could scarcely breathe in his presence. And how hard it was to be open about himself, his sexuality, when his mother constantly harped on about James, being the eldest, needing to set an example for his younger siblings and uphold the glorious Potter name.

Well fuck that.

It was one thing to watch the man he desired surreptitiously in lectures, during the early stages of Auror training, when he could go home and have a leisurely wank in the privacy of his own locked room. It was something else entirely to work in close physical proximity, very close physical proximity, day after day only to retire at night to the open plan dormitory exhausted and frustrated, despite a frantic wank in one of the shower block loos.

Now James was in the field, knowing he faced two more weeks of basic training including team building activities, shared showers and encounters of the up close and very personal kind with Scorpius Malfoy during the hand to hand combat exercises. He’d never make it. The recruits had been warned that ‘adverse physical reactions’ may occur during mat work, fuelled by adrenaline and aggression. James would be the first recruit to be dishonourably discharged for coming or spontaneously combusting on top of his partner – being underneath hadn’t crossed his mind at all.

Partner - wasn’t that a joke. At some point, when the recruits were back at the Ministry, James was going to borrow his father’s invisibility cloak, access his personnel file and find out which sadistic bastard was responsible for partnering him with Scorpius ‘sex on legs’ Malfoy. Oh yes. Revenge was a dish best served cold and James had an arsenal of debilitating charms and hexes at his wand tip, all tried and tested. He wasn’t the nephew of Fred and George Weasley for nothing.

In short, he felt wrung out, stretched to breaking point and it was time to take matters into his own hands, literally, before he embarrassed himself in front of the rest of his cohort. Mentally flicking through his back catalogue of Scorpius encounters, James finally selected the image: Scorpius in the showers, flushed from the day’s exertions, hands travelling slowly over his soap-covered muscles, with an easy smile and a sparkle in his eyes. Perfect.

Scorpius would arrive back at their tent after his pre-training shower very soon and James was going to be having his leisurely morning wank, and he wasn’t going to be furtive about it at all. No sir. He was going to lay on top of his cot, spread those long, sleep warm legs wide, fondle those balls, take that smooth hard cock in hand, writhe and groan and get Scorpius' attention.


And Scorpius? I'll leave that to your imagination.


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