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No matter who you ship, I'm certain you'll all love this poignant tale of love across centuries drawn and told by [ profile] tongari over on [ profile] s2b2.

Go and read 25 Lives by Tongari

Absolutely stunning!
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For those of you that have a yen for the wandering tentacle/tentacles have a looky at this rather yummy image here:

Is that a tentacle I feel inside me?

In fact the whole site is worth drooling over. True fax.

Art rec!!

Aug. 6th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I hope you're proud of me [ profile] dacro because this is a first.

Okay, y'all know I don't do Snarry, but when I saw this stunning piece of art by the uber talented [ profile] cluegirl I just had to share.

Title: The Hero's Return.
Artist: [ profile] cluegirl
Team: Team Snitch
Genre(s): Historical / Literary
Prompt(s): Fire and Sword, Code of Honour
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: Rating, PG13 for boys kissing whilst half-dressed. No particular warnings
Artist's Notes/Disclaimers/Thank you to In Ireland's Ulster Cycle of myths, you may find the story of Nuada Silver-Arm, High King of the besieged Tuatha DeDanann in their war against Balor of the Evil Eye, and his Formoire army. Just when the black sorcerer's treachery seemed poised to triumph, a fiery young hero, Lugh the Longhanded, appeared on the scene to thoroughly upset everyone's expectations.
Media used: CGI colour treatment of a pencil drawing.

The Hero's Return

Wow! Just wow!
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If you haven't yet seen today's art post for Team Fanon, These Five Years then do so because it's beyond words really and this artist has surpassed herself (as if that were possible). Oh, and make sure you have the sound turned up.

[ profile] calanthe_fics said: If I was a better writer I would attempt the story behind the pictures, but I doubt that many people could do it justice - probably not me. I believe you could Cal; I also think [ profile] frayach could if she were so inclined.
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[ profile] calanthe_fics commented on how much she liked my icon. *points to icon*

It's taken from a series of paintings collectively known as The Four Seasons. I commissioned [ profile] celestialsoda to do the series because I loved her dynamic style so much. She's also the artist that led me to discover [ profile] lillithium before [ profile] lillithium was smitten with Harry and Draco.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to show the whole series for those of you who were not around when they were created. Obviously, the paintings are so much more intense in real life.

The Commission

I asked soda to depict the four stages of a H/D relationship in time with Spring (desire, the first kiss), Summer (passion, ecstasy), Autumn (discontent, the beginning of the end) and Winter (the inevitable break-up and desolation).

*Be warned - not dial up friendly under the cut*

The Four Seasons )
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You know what it's like: should be doing lesson prep for tomorrow, but the mouse seems to find it's own way to the friends page short cut, then low and behold - spotted a gorgeous picture on a post by [ profile] tes_aidan.

Veela Draco works for me.


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