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What do you consider an unreadable expression to look like?

A quick purse of the lips? A frown so fleeting it barely registered?


Me? I haven't got a clue and maybe that's the point.
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That's discuss people, not flame!

As an author who has been a bugger for starting to post chaptered fics and not finishing them this may seem a strange post, but here goes.

Whilst spring cleaning my LJ, I clicked on a link for one of the greatest H/D WiPs ever written IMO. Although labelled as catagorically not abandoned, it has not been updated for almost three and a half years *cries* and who knows if it ever will because the author is now writing in another fandom *cries some more*, which leads me to wonder:

If a WiP has been abandoned for a period of time, e.g. over 2 years or more, and the author was close to the end, should said author post a synopsis regarding how things were going to end for the reader's benefit?

Does an author have any obligation to readers who have followed/are following a WiP, or does the label WiP translate into read at your peril?

Thinky thoughts authors, readers?
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Remember folks, this is my idiosyncrasy, YMMV (thanks [ profile] geoviki for introducing me to that acronym). I'm not using this as a bench mark for quality of fic writing.

*cries* I was reading this original slash fic about a widower with a young son who was developing a relationship with the new doctor in town and really enjoying it until... that word appeared. *cries some more*

No matter how much I'm into a fic, nothing turns me off it quicker than a bolt of lightning than that word.


*shudders* I don't know why I can't bear it, but the moment 'babe' is spoken the fic is ruined for me. I can bear 'silver/emerald orbs' 'globes' 'duelling tongues' 'pearly strings of come' - even though for most men it's less than a teaspoon - fundament and all manner of language but babe. I just... can't.

What word or phrase does it for you?
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Specifically, ye olde tradional british pubs.

Over the last 4 years I have read many fics and most of them have adhered to canon details in some form or other. But time and time again I'm thrown out of a fic once the characters enter one of the pubs in the wizarding world; pubs which, by their very location in the wizarding world, I expect be traditional (unless refurbishment is mentioned) but find contain unfamiliar elements such as the booth, the counter and the barkeep. *warning, image heavy*

On the matter of pubs )
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I'm not an economist and only have the vaguest idea about things such as GDP, inflation, deflation, customs and excise, but I do get that countries survive by trading with other countries, providing a marketable product or service, or selling a natural resource in demand by others. A ridiculously simple overview I know..

Which leads me to my questions:

How do you think the wizarding world economy works?

Do Uk wizards trade with other communities around the world and what do you think the UK wizards could offer?

Do galleons rise and fall in price like other monetary systems? Would Voldemort's actions have had a negaive impct on the WW economy?

How does Gringott's operate?

Do the goblins charge their human customers and would they have something like the Muggle money markets to make a profit on all that gold etc sitting in their vaults?

Could famillies like the Malfoys, Blacks and Potters have amassed their fortunes by taking advantage of generations of Muggle labour or Muggle ambition, such as trading in tea, porcelain, opium etc?

I'm thinking this gathering of wealth on the back of Muggle labour is very likely because there must've been Muggle borns throughout the centuries. Would the heir to a grand estate been made to renounce his title because he was a wizard?

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For some reason the phrase Quidditch toned muscles popped into my head the other day - God alone knows why - and gave rise to this thought: can the overuse of magic for mundane tasks adversely affect a witch/wizard's health.

I understand magic takes focus and can be very complex. I know not all witches or wizards have the same level of power, but does using magic, for example, to move from place to place, do chores such as cleaning, washing up or gardening burn calories the way physical effort does in the Muggle world?

What with all those sweets, drinks, stodgy fare at Hogwarts, house-elves and spells for every conceivible job, it's a wonder that magic isn't detramental to a witch/wizard's waistline or health, Dark Lords notwithstanding.

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Whilst viewing [ profile] leochi's latest piece of art The Black Brothers, I began to wonder: did Dumbledore know Sirius was innocent?

Did he lie to Barty Crouch Snr about Sirius still being the Potters' Secret Keeper at the time of their murder?

Did he knowingly send an innocent man to rot in Azkaban because he firmly believed the only thing that would keep Harry safe, until he was old enough to be useful, was the protection the blood magic invoked when he was placed with the Dursleys?

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A bullet, travelling through the air toward it's intended target is affected by wind direction over certain distances. Can the same be said for a spell that travels from the wand tip to it's victim, e.g. Avarda Kadvra, which I always envisaged as a stream of green light?

Thoughts on firing spells in adverse weather conditions?
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Please note the header: IMO.

I can't help but wonder if JKR's announcement regarding Dumbledore was no more than a well timed publicity stunt designed to give her more kudos with adult readers and audiences, along with a slice of the 'pink' pound/dollar/yen/rupee etc.
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After watching the lovely lads *points to icon* engaging in more intimate activities in this video, several of you have mentioned that fucking bareback is not a safe practice which got me thinking about how I write sex scenes.

I have never had Harry or Draco use a condom; I always rely on the good old protection spell. But, assuming wizards in the HP verse used such a thing, would a spell actually be able to protect against a sexually transmitted disease? And if it could, then wouldn't magic protect against all disease?

Are we, the writers that let the lads engage in bareback sex, even if it is fiction, being irresponsible to our readers? Should we be promoting safe sex and the use of condoms in both slash and het fic, especially the one night stands and rent boy/girl fics?
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I'm suffering from work avoidance, so humour me.

A robe is a robe is a robe - or is it? This is the kind of question that rattles around one's head in the wee hours when one should be catching up on paper work or better still, asleep.

The Oxford English dictionary defines a robe as:

A loose-fitting outer garment of various types, often worn on formal or ceremonial occasions, as an indication of the wearer's rank, office or proffesion.

A bath robe or dressing gowns, for warmth and comfort.

Notice the term robe, as in one robe, one item of clothing worn by one person. So why in the wizarding world does one person wear robes? Example:

Dumbledore, when he arrived in Privet Drive, was wearing long robes, a purple cloak that swept the ground, and high-heeled, buckled boots (PS1)

Rita Skeeter wears acid green robes, against which her Quick-Quotes Quill blends perfectly (GF20)
(source - The Lexicon)

I understand the term robes when referring to more than one robe:

during one summer sale (at Madame Malkins), they sold robes which were spangled, self-ironing, beautifying, slimming, fattening, lengthening, temperature-adjusting, and plain, with a free frog-skin belt with every purchase.

Authors also perceive the robe in different ways:

Harry grabbed his robes from the chair

Draco hitched Harry's robes up around his waist to reach his erect cock

Harry had nothing on under his robes

To me a robe is an outer garment, like a coat, but not as thick, knee or calf length and made of a variety of materials depending on the use or occasion. Trousers of some description would be worn underneath, again depending on use or occasion.

So, the big question is - how do you perceive the robe? Or is it a general term for clothing that you can't imagine?

Thoughts anyone?
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In most NC-17 slash fics I have read (that are not non-con) there is usually an element of preparation in the form of stretching the anus by hand or by spell, before the fucking begins.

After having watched 42 hours of QAF (US series 1 and 2) I have yet to see anything resembling that taking place, and I don't mean close shots of Brian with his fingers up Justin's arse. All fucking on the show (so far seen) consists of some fore play - kissing, sucking of nipples or cock, then condom on and straight in. Lube rarely puts in an appearance.

I can't help but wonder how painful it is to be penetrated without prior preparation.


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