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Works as a stand alone but is a spoiler for Captive Prince Book 2 by [ profile] freece, if you read it.

Title: Who Goes There?
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: Jord/?
Rating: G
Word Count: 471
Warnings: Future ficlet, spoiler for Captive Prince Book 2 by [ profile] freece.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: None ATM.

Author's note For my lovely friend and fellow Captive Prince obsessee [ profile] bornof_sorrow who is having a crappy day.

Captive Prince fanfic )
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After reading the entries for [ profile] sansa1970's Multi-fandom Celebration of Worst First Lines, I was inspired to try my own.

HP, GP, NC-17
Warning: comma abuse

As revelations go, it wasn't the fact that Harry was writhing and moaning loudly (sounding like two Tom cats going at it down some dirty, dust-strewn back alley) on top of the 600 per square inch thread count egyptian cotton sheets that covered their vast, hand-carved, antique, Jacobean four poster bed whilst pumping his weeping, turgid member with one calloused, quidditch toned hand that shocked Ginny Potter the most; it was the fact that he was doing it in unison with thrusting an enormous, metallic, pink vibrator - covered with purple hearts - in and out of his Boy Butter slicked greedy, fluttering hole with the other hand, looking for all the world like a sweaty, self satisfied, push-me-pull-you.
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To all my friends out there currently doing battle with the Big D. Belive me when I say that there will, one day, be light in your life again. The road may be long and rocky, and you don't need to travel it alone, but the light will return. And oh, my friends, how beautiful it will seem because of the darkness you've left behind.

Here's a little something I wrote the last time the Big D had me in it's thrall a couple of years ago.

Title: From The Heart
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: G
Pairing: H/D
word count: 210ish
Summary: ...please understand my clumsy attempt at putting my feelings into words
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.

From The Heart )



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