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You remember that delicious spine tingling feeling you had when you first discovered what a treasure trove the HP fandom was?

Then, when you began to tire of it, you despaired because you never thought you'd discover such pleasure again and lo! The rec fairy godmother appeared and led you to other wonders called original slash and homoerotic fiction.

So, you branched out and rediscovered that heady rush of excitement as you devoured such gems as the Administration and Slavebreakers series. Then all
too soon those universes came to an end and you wondered if you'd ever find such a cache of riches again. Fear not, for I bring you not one, not two, but three gems on this fine Easter Monday.

First, LOVE IN DARK SETTINGS ¶ Suspenseful historical fantasy, friendship fiction, and gay fiction ¶ By Dusk Peterson.

Secondly, Dusk Peterson's rec page BURIED TREASURE ¶ Recommendations of Online Male Homoerotic Stories and Male Friendship Stories (and anything else that catches his interest). Make sure you bookmark the author index.

Finally, for lovers of slave fic, a trilogy by [ profile] remyheart:




Pride introduces Lukas, who features in all three stories, during the process of being sold and trying to survive during the transition period.

Expulsion and Redemption deal with Jeron, an aristo kid whose father had married and freed Jeron's slave mother... or had he? Jeron discovers the awful truth and its implications after his beloved father's death. Angst and mindfuckery aplenty, my dears.

Happy reading!
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Do you like your fics plotty?

Do you like your sex smokin and integral to the plot?

Do you like your character's morals to be less than squeaky clean?

Did I mention plot? More plot than you can shake a hairy stick at?

Ladies and gents, may I present THE ADMINISTRATION SERIES

What a treasure trove of novels, novellas and one-shots I uncovered when I stumbled across manna francis' Administration Series. If you liked [ profile] frayach's Good Guys, you'll love these fics.

There are no bad guys. There are no good guys. There are only better guys, and worse guys.

One of the worse guys is Val Toreth. In a world where torture is a legitimate part of the investigative process, he works for the Investigation and Interrogation Division. One of the better guys is Keir Warrick, a corporate director. His small corporation, SimTech, is developing a 'sim' system which places users in a fully-immersive virtual reality.

Their world is the dark future dystopia of New London, where Europe is controlled by a totalitarian bureaucracy, which shares political power with powerful corporations. The oppressive government uses torture, violence and the various Divisions of the feared Department of Internal Security to maintain power. The corporations fight amongst themselves, using lethal force under the euphemism of 'corporate sabotage', uniting only to resist attempts by the Administration to extend its control over them.

The Administration Series online here.

Love the Administration Series already?

[ profile] lillithium, [ profile] sansa1970 and myself invite you to join our community dedicated to celebrating all things Administration.

[ profile] shades0fgrey[ profile] shades0fgrey[ profile] shades0fgrey[ profile] shades0fgrey[ profile] shades0fgrey

lillithium's fan art of Warrick and Toreth here.

Book rec

Feb. 17th, 2009 03:42 pm
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Original Slash Rec

My copy of A Strong and Sudden Thaw arrived yesterday and I'm thoroughly hooked.

Author's blurb:

The Ice fell upon the world nearly a hundred years ago, and if civilization didn't rightly collapse, it surely staggered and fell ill a while. In the small town of Moline, Virginia, folks struggle to survive, relying on hybrid seed sent by the faraway Departmet of Reintroduction and Agriculture and their own faith in God and hard work. But when a mated pair of dragons starts hunting the countryside, stealing sheep, and attacking children, the townsfolk quickly learn that they don't have the weapons or the skills to fight off such predators.

David Anderson is a farmer's son who has explored the world through books. When he meets the new healer in town, Callan Landers, he doesn't quite know what to make of the strange warmth stealing over him. It's not until he surprises Callan with another man-and both men are promptly arrested for sodomy-that David finally realizes the truth about his own feelings.

When David and Callan stumble over a secret in a nearby abandoned town, their personal problems fade before government politics and corruption that threaten lives. It seems the dragons aren't the worst dangers facing Moline.

ps check out the link on the bottom right hand side: Romance, Adventure and the Occasional Sound Thrashing by Anne Sommerville. Sounds like my kind of books!
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*Buttons up flack jacket and holds up hand*

I signed up for [ profile] hd_holidays last fest, but, for personal reasons I'm not going into here, I had to drop out and the person who wrote the fic specifically for me and my request, [ profile] romaine24, didn't post her fic to the comm.

I requested:

Kinks, genres or special requests: plot (esp' mystery, suspense or adventure with unusual magical spells or devices), creature!fic, UST, AWS, snarky Draco, final surrender to desire, first time, hurt/comfort, some element of angst, bondage/dubcon.

Two or three prompts: #1 A muggle archaeological dig that unearths a very dangerous Dark artifact in the UK or abroad, #2 Someone goes missing requiring exploration of some unknown magical place leading to trouble - UK or abroad. Prompts can be ignored if nothing strikes.

[ profile] romaine24 certainly delivered what I wanted in spades. When I read the fic, all 48,737 words of it, I was transfixed. It was one of those occasions where you start reading and before you know it, four hours has passed. Now, what I requested may not be everybody's cup of tea, but for those of you that like: plot, mystery, creature!fic (inventively used), magical rituals, a developing relationship between Harry and Draco, and inclusion of TNG, I present to you:

Survival of the Species, H/D, NC-17, Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Creature!fic. Warnings: Dubious Consent, Mpreg, Suicide Attempt, Deathly Hallows Spoilers.

Author's summary: Draco approaches Harry on the 9 ¾ platform, after their sons have boarded the Hogwarts Express, and invites him over for tea. The discussion they have leads them on an adventure that neither could have expected. HPDH compliant.

Go. Read. Enjoy.

I had the pleasure of beta reading [ profile] sansa1970's recently posted Albus/Scorpius fic. Had I not been asked to do so, it's likely that I would not have read this TNG fic for some time because I'm not especially invested in that pairing. But oh, what a wonderful read it was. My heart was fair pounding by the end: a sure sign that I've enjoyed a fic so much I've become excited (does that happen to anyone else?). The story is written at a depth I know I'll never achieve; it's so much more than mere narrative. The characters are wonderful and Harry's part in the fic had me thinking Oh, that's so Harry. *adores Harry*

Man's Dwelling Place, AS/S, NC-17, Angst, H/C, Romance.

Author's summary: Scorpius is the lone survivor of a tragedy that cost him his family, his identity, and his past. Albus shows him a possible future for them both.

And finally...

Over a year ago the [ profile] hd_365 comm left Harry and Draco agreeing to marry each other. This year [ profile] hd_365 returns to follow the lads as they plan and prepare for their wedding. Who knows what strange wizarding customs will be revealed to Harry, or how the lads will cope with both Narcissa and Molly putting in their two-penneth. Yours truly is back in the saddle as one of the authors, so finally, after 7 months, I will write something. ETA Forgot to say that posts will be fortnightly, around the middle and end of each month.

hd_365 banner v.2
Art by [ profile] tweeney banner by [ profile] sassy_cissa

Coming to your screen soon.

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Remember Tarantino's Messers White, Orange, Blonde, Blue , Brown and Pink? Meet Salamander, Phoenix, Abraxan, Billywig, Bowtruckle and Horklump - with an extra place setting for Thestral.

Title: In Deep Water (Persuasion arc)
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1239
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer No ownership, no money
Prompt Water
Summary There are two sides to every tale – a snapshot of what Harry and Draco are up against as they continue their investigation.

A/N If you have no idea what Persuasion is or need to catch up, here are the earlier installments below. As these are Auror fics, things get a little dark from time to time.

P is for Persuasion

A little Green Around the Gills

Evidence of Things Unseen by [ profile] cutecoati and most recently:

In Deep Water
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Title: A Little Green around the Gills
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: R-ish
Word count: 2014
Genre: Plot-with-a-tad-of-porn.
Disclaimer No ownership, no money
Prompt Colour
Summary Six murders, and a substance completely unknown to Muggle forensic officers. Is Donal Brown continuing to wreak havoc amongst the gay clubs of Muggle London with the designer drug, Persuasion?
A/N: This fic refers to events in P is for Persuasion.

A Little Green around the Gills.
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Title: P is for Persuasion
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: Hard R
Pairing: H/D
Word Count: 5536, Yeah, that's right. The bunny kept breeding.
Genre: Porn-with-a-tad-of-plot, Drama, Angst - what else is new?
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
ADDITIONAL DISCLAIMER: This author is not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country.
Prompt: The letter P
Summary: Merryweather thinks he's got the upper hand. Enter one pissed off Potter.
A/N: Merryweather is Harry and Draco's homophobic boss and is the creation of Fire's. This story refers to events mentioned in [ profile] rurounihime's fic last Tuesday on the [ profile] hd_365 comm.

P is for Persuasion
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Title: Beautiful Twilight, Part Two, Something Unexpected
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: R for language
Pairing: HP DM
Word Count: around 2480
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Dark Themes
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] saladbats Further mistakes are mine.
Summary: The Wizarding World is still recovering from the brutal and devastating war against Voldemort. Everyone agreed that it must never, ever happen again. But at what cost? A chance discovery will lead Auror Harry Potter down a dangerous path to find out.

Part One

Beautiful Twilight Part 2 )
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Title: Beautiful Twilight, Part One, Jebediah
Author: aka Lusiology
Rating: PG-13, eventual R for mature themes
Pairing: HP DM KS HG OC
Word Count: 764
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Dark Themes
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] saladbats
Prompt: “You’ll be invading my privacy. You do understand privacy, don’t you?”
Summary: The Wizarding World is still recovering from the brutal and devastating war against Voldemort. Everyone agreed that it must never, ever happen again. But at what cost? A chance discovery will lead Auror Harry Potter down a dangerous path to find out.
A/N: Originally written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali's AWDT.

Beautiful Twilight )
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Title: Shadow Dancing
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: R
Pairing: H/D
Word Count: 2313
Genre: Porn-with-a-tad-of-plot,Drama
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] saladbats
Prompt: Pampering
Summary: Draco couldn’t imagine life without Harry, and he’d be damned if he’d let anyone take Harry away from him without a fight.
A/N: This fic refers to events in [ profile] rurounihime's post Let The Day Go.

Shadow Dancing


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