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Hello Kittens.

I was talking to [ profile] ayes_sid about orginal m/m fics and I realised I'd never recc'd Shousetsu Bang*Bang to you.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a webzine for original gay fiction/boy's love oneshot stories (or works of art) self-contained in 30 pages and heartwarmingly predictable, i.e. there may be angst, betrayal, H/C but love always triumphs to some degree. Each edition has a prompt or theme so a wide range of genres are covered. There are also special femslash editions during each year.

You can friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu for issues of the magazine, which usually appear on a bimonthly basis. You can also join the comm for announcements and behind-the-scenes (editorial, design, writing, etc.) discussion, especially if you plan to submit a story. Stories are archived at [ profile] s2b2, which I find easier to follow or delve into.

I have a trove a fave fics in my memories under S2B2 but I'll start by reccing a series I'm very fond of:

Author: Shinko Hisada, Genre: fantasy, Rating: PG13 to NC17, Pairing: Jaren/Kale.

Summary: A series of 11 fics charting the development of the love affair between Lieutenant Jaren Delwash, an 'Elite' warrior mage and Kale Coulter, the nobody soldier with the rare ability to see magic who saves his life behind enemy lines.

You can find the fics listed in order of events here.

Warning: there is use of 'the Elite' as well as Jaren's name, but I liked the series enough so I could ignore it.

As for Game of Thrones: WOW!! The chap who plays Khal Drogo has a body to die for. If Damen (Captive Prince) has a body like that, how does Laurent keep his hands off him?? Much furtive oggling and wanking methinks.
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You remember that delicious spine tingling feeling you had when you first discovered what a treasure trove the HP fandom was?

Then, when you began to tire of it, you despaired because you never thought you'd discover such pleasure again and lo! The rec fairy godmother appeared and led you to other wonders called original slash and homoerotic fiction.

So, you branched out and rediscovered that heady rush of excitement as you devoured such gems as the Administration and Slavebreakers series. Then all
too soon those universes came to an end and you wondered if you'd ever find such a cache of riches again. Fear not, for I bring you not one, not two, but three gems on this fine Easter Monday.

First, LOVE IN DARK SETTINGS ¶ Suspenseful historical fantasy, friendship fiction, and gay fiction ¶ By Dusk Peterson.

Secondly, Dusk Peterson's rec page BURIED TREASURE ¶ Recommendations of Online Male Homoerotic Stories and Male Friendship Stories (and anything else that catches his interest). Make sure you bookmark the author index.

Finally, for lovers of slave fic, a trilogy by [ profile] remyheart:




Pride introduces Lukas, who features in all three stories, during the process of being sold and trying to survive during the transition period.

Expulsion and Redemption deal with Jeron, an aristo kid whose father had married and freed Jeron's slave mother... or had he? Jeron discovers the awful truth and its implications after his beloved father's death. Angst and mindfuckery aplenty, my dears.

Happy reading!


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