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I've been spring cleaning my LJ and sorting my fics out and realised I've never posted this here. So, have at it my lovelies.

Title: Draco's Inferno
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: D/H
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Word count: 8000
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Betas: [ profile] earth_magic and [ profile] jamie2109
Summary: Following a desperate plea from an old friend, Draco finds himself at the Head Auror’s door and embarks on a journey that will lead him through his own inferno.

Draco’s Inferno )
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Beware small black cats *points to icon* that have a penchant for cosying up to flat screen monitors when one is trying to edit a post - and deleting the bloody thing instead!!

Title: A Bitter Pill to Swallow - Epilogue
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Genre: Angst, Romance
Warning: None! No body dies.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money
Word count: 2381
Betas: Many thanks to [ profile] dacro and [ profile] jamie2109 for their support and contributions.
Summary: They say time can heal old wounds, but are some wounds too deep to allow for a reconciliation?
Concrit is welcomed and appreciated

You can read the main fic here.

The Epilogue )
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I'm really proud of this fic. I finally wrote more than 5000 words. Woot!

Title: A Bitter Pill to Swallow (1/6)
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: hard R
Word count: 889
Genre: Angst
Disclaimer No ownership, no money
Beta: [ profile] saladbats
Summary Harry is a hero, leader, loyal friend and lover. Harry is also exceedingly jealous, which has consequences for everyone.
Concrit is welcomed and appreciated.

A Bitter Pill to Swallow )
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I've noticed folks posting their [ profile] hd_remix fics on their Lj's. Here's mine. I had the pleasure of remixing [ profile] mizbean's Prelude Series. Specifically my take on events between Acts One and Two.

Title: Dying By Degrees
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: DM/IM, DM/HP
Rating: soft R
Genre: Angst!
Word Count: 1,730
Disclaimer No ownership, no money.
Summary: What do you do when you discover your husband has always loved somebody else?
A/N: ”Az ördög vigyen el, Draco Malfoy,”, literally translates to "May the devil take you with him, Draco Malfoy."

Dying By Degrees )

Any fans out there of Tomorrow Belongs To Me? You must read [ profile] coffeejunkii's wonderful remix, from Harry's POV: Twenty Years (the forever and beyond remix).


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