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Does anyone know if it's possible to change one's journal name over on dreamwidth? I want to import all my stuff from this journal before the LJ shit hits the virtual fan but my account over there is under luciology. Will that cause a problem? Do I have to set up a new account under moonlite_tryst?
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Don't know where this came from at all but it was fun to write.

Author: Moonlite_tryst (aka Luciology)
Title: A Little Touch of James in the Morning
Pairing: JP/SM
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: None
Word Count: 523

Clickety click )
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I admit that I wasn't particularly feeling the Hiddleston love, even after The Avengers. Having just sat through nearly 7 hours of the BBC's Henry 4th and 5th (The Hollow Crown) I am feeling it now. *swoons*

Looky here if you have not heard of the series:

Now I know where the title of amanuensis1's fic 'A Little Touch of Harry in the Night' comes from.
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I've just started following Behind the Obsidian Mirror. There are 2 chapters up and character bios. What makes this comic different is that is set in the Aztec world and the art work and attention to detail is fabulous.

Warning: obviously, being Aztec, there will be some gore. Oh, and spiders.
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I want to delete a little comm I set up 4 years ago and have never used. Dammed of I can see where to do it on the site map.

Point me please.

Thanks [ profile] sesheta_66.
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As I am moving further and further away from all things Harry Potter and into the ever widening world of original slash I've decided to change my name. I'm leaving my H/D fics on this LJ but anything new will be original.

Thank you [ profile] bornof_sorrow for your generous gift. *adores*
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Anyone read any of the Nightrunner books? Are they good re plot, world building, characterisation, or is it just hype?

ETA: Thanks for your help. Forgot to say I wanted something for my Kindle whilst on holiday. I'm going to buy Ginn Hale's Lord of the White Hell books for my hols.
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Okay, so I'm now another year older - thanks so much to [ profile] saladbats, [ profile] earth_magic and [ profile] spark_of_chaos for the birthday greetings - and I can honestly say wiser. RL has been somewhat troublesome over the last year but we are now in calmer waters, thank goodness.

As for fandom, I'll be in the US in 10 weeks with [ profile] saladbats and [ profile] winnett for Lubricus and am looking forward to meeting up with old friends again and finally meeting [ profile] geoviki. *is excited*

Taking stock of my interests, original work, managa and online comics still hold most of my interest and that's what I'll be posting about so I'm now looking for folks who have something in common with me, hence a shake up of my flist. I could use filters, but to me that always seems so two-faced (IMO). If I remove someone who has an interest in original slash recs and wants to stay around, let me know.
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We all have phrases that make us cringe: tongues duelling for dominance, weeping cocks, sweet spot etc.

Consider the pleasure/pain. It certainly makes me cringe because I see it as a cop out for description of sensation (IMO before anyone flames). Does it exist? Is it the moment that pain is overtaken by pleasure when the wonder gland, aka the prostate, is hit?

Thinky thoughts or enlightenments please.
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Hello! I came across this little emoticon (?) today in Garage magazine: C==3

Of course, mr lusi and I had to play with it:

Mr lusi made a het version: () C==3

Oral version: O C==3

Anal version: >o< C==3

Coming version: - - - - - C==3

Any other ideas????
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I've been spring cleaning my LJ and sorting my fics out and realised I've never posted this here. So, have at it my lovelies.

Title: Draco's Inferno
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: D/H
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Word count: 8000
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Betas: [ profile] earth_magic and [ profile] jamie2109
Summary: Following a desperate plea from an old friend, Draco finds himself at the Head Auror’s door and embarks on a journey that will lead him through his own inferno.

Draco’s Inferno )
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What do you consider an unreadable expression to look like?

A quick purse of the lips? A frown so fleeting it barely registered?


Me? I haven't got a clue and maybe that's the point.
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Hello Kittens.

I was talking to [ profile] ayes_sid about orginal m/m fics and I realised I'd never recc'd Shousetsu Bang*Bang to you.

Shousetsu Bang*Bang is a webzine for original gay fiction/boy's love oneshot stories (or works of art) self-contained in 30 pages and heartwarmingly predictable, i.e. there may be angst, betrayal, H/C but love always triumphs to some degree. Each edition has a prompt or theme so a wide range of genres are covered. There are also special femslash editions during each year.

You can friend [ profile] bb_shousetsu for issues of the magazine, which usually appear on a bimonthly basis. You can also join the comm for announcements and behind-the-scenes (editorial, design, writing, etc.) discussion, especially if you plan to submit a story. Stories are archived at [ profile] s2b2, which I find easier to follow or delve into.

I have a trove a fave fics in my memories under S2B2 but I'll start by reccing a series I'm very fond of:

Author: Shinko Hisada, Genre: fantasy, Rating: PG13 to NC17, Pairing: Jaren/Kale.

Summary: A series of 11 fics charting the development of the love affair between Lieutenant Jaren Delwash, an 'Elite' warrior mage and Kale Coulter, the nobody soldier with the rare ability to see magic who saves his life behind enemy lines.

You can find the fics listed in order of events here.

Warning: there is use of 'the Elite' as well as Jaren's name, but I liked the series enough so I could ignore it.

As for Game of Thrones: WOW!! The chap who plays Khal Drogo has a body to die for. If Damen (Captive Prince) has a body like that, how does Laurent keep his hands off him?? Much furtive oggling and wanking methinks.
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Works as a stand alone but is a spoiler for Captive Prince Book 2 by [ profile] freece, if you read it.

Title: Who Goes There?
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: Jord/?
Rating: G
Word Count: 471
Warnings: Future ficlet, spoiler for Captive Prince Book 2 by [ profile] freece.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: None ATM.

Author's note For my lovely friend and fellow Captive Prince obsessee [ profile] bornof_sorrow who is having a crappy day.

Captive Prince fanfic )
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That's discuss people, not flame!

As an author who has been a bugger for starting to post chaptered fics and not finishing them this may seem a strange post, but here goes.

Whilst spring cleaning my LJ, I clicked on a link for one of the greatest H/D WiPs ever written IMO. Although labelled as catagorically not abandoned, it has not been updated for almost three and a half years *cries* and who knows if it ever will because the author is now writing in another fandom *cries some more*, which leads me to wonder:

If a WiP has been abandoned for a period of time, e.g. over 2 years or more, and the author was close to the end, should said author post a synopsis regarding how things were going to end for the reader's benefit?

Does an author have any obligation to readers who have followed/are following a WiP, or does the label WiP translate into read at your peril?

Thinky thoughts authors, readers?
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No matter who you ship, I'm certain you'll all love this poignant tale of love across centuries drawn and told by [ profile] tongari over on [ profile] s2b2.

Go and read 25 Lives by Tongari

Absolutely stunning!
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Remember folks, this is my idiosyncrasy, YMMV (thanks [ profile] geoviki for introducing me to that acronym). I'm not using this as a bench mark for quality of fic writing.

*cries* I was reading this original slash fic about a widower with a young son who was developing a relationship with the new doctor in town and really enjoying it until... that word appeared. *cries some more*

No matter how much I'm into a fic, nothing turns me off it quicker than a bolt of lightning than that word.


*shudders* I don't know why I can't bear it, but the moment 'babe' is spoken the fic is ruined for me. I can bear 'silver/emerald orbs' 'globes' 'duelling tongues' 'pearly strings of come' - even though for most men it's less than a teaspoon - fundament and all manner of language but babe. I just... can't.

What word or phrase does it for you?
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For those of you that have a yen for the wandering tentacle/tentacles have a looky at this rather yummy image here:

Is that a tentacle I feel inside me?

In fact the whole site is worth drooling over. True fax.


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