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Straight? So is spaghetti until you heat it up.

Some lines are meant to be crossed.

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Birthdate:Jun 6
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Website:My Skyehawke Page
Journal Content - Adults Only

This Lj is dedicated predominantly to homoerotic fiction and fanfiction, and adult rated subjects.

WARNING: Contents of this journal include fanfiction, most of which contains explicit material. This author is not responsible for underage readers. Please observe the ratings, warnings, and age of legal consent for your country.

I am old enough to remember the moon landings.

If you don't approve of homoerotic fiction or fan fiction then please don't read my journal.

What rating is your journal?

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Original Homoerotic Fiction

Authors worth checking out are: alex_beecroft, erastes, lee_rowan, Manna Francis (manna), ginnhale and maculategiraffe.


I helped to set up and co-mod the following comms: hd_inspired (Harry/Draco); hp_bookof_fests (Harry Potter fandom); shades0fgrey celebrating The Administration original slash series by manna and 1ove_matters an LJ community dedicated to reccing original GLBT fiction.

Art by red_rahl
Animagus Exchange

A one-stop shop for all of your fest needs.

Art by lillithium
shades0fgrey - An LJ Fan Community for The Administration


Friend me if you want to and are not underage. I would be flattered and a comment to say Hi would be great. If you find you don't like what I write then defriend me, I won't be offended, curious maybe but not offended. I'm here for the fan art, fan and original slash fiction - the reading of, talking about or drooling over, so if your journal focuses primarily on memes or RL entries, or it's empty then it's unlikely I'd friend you back.

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Artist credit and instructions for using the Harry/Draco mood theme can be found here.

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