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Aug. 6th, 2009 10:17 pm
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I hope you're proud of me [ profile] dacro because this is a first.

Okay, y'all know I don't do Snarry, but when I saw this stunning piece of art by the uber talented [ profile] cluegirl I just had to share.

Title: The Hero's Return.
Artist: [ profile] cluegirl
Team: Team Snitch
Genre(s): Historical / Literary
Prompt(s): Fire and Sword, Code of Honour
Rating/Warnings/Kinks: Rating, PG13 for boys kissing whilst half-dressed. No particular warnings
Artist's Notes/Disclaimers/Thank you to In Ireland's Ulster Cycle of myths, you may find the story of Nuada Silver-Arm, High King of the besieged Tuatha DeDanann in their war against Balor of the Evil Eye, and his Formoire army. Just when the black sorcerer's treachery seemed poised to triumph, a fiery young hero, Lugh the Longhanded, appeared on the scene to thoroughly upset everyone's expectations.
Media used: CGI colour treatment of a pencil drawing.

The Hero's Return

Wow! Just wow!

fic rec

Mar. 18th, 2008 11:17 am
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Yay! [ profile] snottygrrl has completed the 'Locked' series with the final part written for me!!

If you've not read this charming series of ficlets, then you need to. The series starts off potentially Draco/Ginny before [ profile] snottygrrl saw the light and converted to Harry/Draco, but even in the first part it's clear our boy is smitten with his blond friend.

Read Locked Inside, D/G, eventually H/D, pg-13.

My summary: Draco is locked in somewhere due to a curse (read and you'll find out what type), Ginny is confused and Harry, well Harry is helpful... initially.

Read. Enjoy.

Remember, comments feed an author's soul.
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[ profile] calanthe_fics commented on how much she liked my icon. *points to icon*

It's taken from a series of paintings collectively known as The Four Seasons. I commissioned [ profile] celestialsoda to do the series because I loved her dynamic style so much. She's also the artist that led me to discover [ profile] lillithium before [ profile] lillithium was smitten with Harry and Draco.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to show the whole series for those of you who were not around when they were created. Obviously, the paintings are so much more intense in real life.

The Commission

I asked soda to depict the four stages of a H/D relationship in time with Spring (desire, the first kiss), Summer (passion, ecstasy), Autumn (discontent, the beginning of the end) and Winter (the inevitable break-up and desolation).

*Be warned - not dial up friendly under the cut*

The Four Seasons )
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Seven months it's taken, but the muse is back! I

I've been mulling for some time on Auror training: the kind of things that would be needed such as physical fitness, first aid, field craft, etc, and not just the ability to point a wand. So, here goes with what could be the prologue.

Arc: Basic Training
Title: Selection (Prologue)
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: DM HP
Genre: Auror fic
Rating: PG-13 at the moment
Word Count: 770
Summary: Draco made the grade, but will he survive Basic Training and Potter.
Warnings: 2nd person POV
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: Nope.

Selection )
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You know what it's like: should be doing lesson prep for tomorrow, but the mouse seems to find it's own way to the friends page short cut, then low and behold - spotted a gorgeous picture on a post by [ profile] tes_aidan.

Veela Draco works for me.
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Here be a little thing I wrote last week at the Sectus picnic drabblethon for the prompt 'Omnioculars'. Rating PG-13, word count - 350ish.

Appearances Can Be Deceiving )
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For [ profile] taradiane.

Sweetie, long may you continue to gift us with stunning pics of Dan et al. Written in response to this post:

Author: Me!
Title: And So It Ends, As All Things Must (Ha! The title's almost as long as the bloody ficlet)
Pairing You need ask?
Rating PG-13
Word count: 600ish

And So It Ends )
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who requested something from the P is for Persuasion arc, originally written for [ profile] hd_365. This fic follows events in So Many Questions by my co-conspirator [ profile] profmckitten and my follow up: A Bird in the Hand Is Worth Two in the Bush. Hope you like it mordyn4.

Title: The Plot Thickens
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1371
Genre: Mystery
Disclaimer No ownership, no money
Prompt Timestamp for [ profile] mordyn4
Summary In which there is bad news from Aegis, a cloak and dagger meeting, and Draco makes the aquaintance of an unusual type of ferret.

The Plot Thickens )
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Remember Tarantino's Messers White, Orange, Blonde, Blue , Brown and Pink? Meet Salamander, Phoenix, Abraxan, Billywig, Bowtruckle and Horklump - with an extra place setting for Thestral.

Title: In Deep Water (Persuasion arc)
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: HP/DM
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1239
Genre: Drama
Disclaimer No ownership, no money
Prompt Water
Summary There are two sides to every tale – a snapshot of what Harry and Draco are up against as they continue their investigation.

A/N If you have no idea what Persuasion is or need to catch up, here are the earlier installments below. As these are Auror fics, things get a little dark from time to time.

P is for Persuasion

A little Green Around the Gills

Evidence of Things Unseen by [ profile] cutecoati and most recently:

In Deep Water
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Title: Beautiful Twilight, Part One, Jebediah
Author: aka Lusiology
Rating: PG-13, eventual R for mature themes
Pairing: HP DM KS HG OC
Word Count: 764
Genre: Mystery, Drama, Dark Themes
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] saladbats
Prompt: “You’ll be invading my privacy. You do understand privacy, don’t you?”
Summary: The Wizarding World is still recovering from the brutal and devastating war against Voldemort. Everyone agreed that it must never, ever happen again. But at what cost? A chance discovery will lead Auror Harry Potter down a dangerous path to find out.
A/N: Originally written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali's AWDT.

Beautiful Twilight )
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Title: Parte The Eighth: Stiring The Nest
Author: [ profile] luciology
Rating: PG-13,
Pairing: H/D
Genre: Mpreg, Hurt/Comfort
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Summary: An unwanted intrusion causes trouble in the nest.
Beta: Many thanks to both [ profile] dacro and [ profile] earth_magic, who were brave enough to step up & offer their services whilst [ profile] saladbats is in Europe. *Hugs* I have added bits so any errors are mine.
A/N: This fic was written as part of the multi-author series One of Your Fathers. All previous installments can be found here. Thanks to [ profile] dacro for the title.

Stiring The Nest )

Want to take a tour of Harry & Draco's new home? Follow the link.

Pink Knowle Farm )
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This little scenario popped into my head when I saw the prompt, so here it is.

Title: Testing, Testing.
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: PG-13,
Pairing: D/H
Word Count: 370
Genre: Humour
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: The hawk-eyed [ profile] saladbats, smiter of rogue punctuation.
Prompt: I saw the way he/she looked at you.
Summary: It's a testing time for Harry.
A/N: Written for [ profile] jamie2109's and [ profile] nocturnali's AWDT.

Testing, Testing )
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On to the fic.

Title: Tomorrow belongs To Me.
Author: [ profile] luciology
Rating: PG-13,
Pairing: DM/PP, implied H/D
Word Count: 2305
Genre: Angst, Romance
Summary: Obligation and duty are heavy crosses to bear, but what seemed impossible 20 years ago can finally become reality if you have Faith.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] saladbats, the fastest beta in the West. *Kisses under the mistletoe*
Prompt: a slight reworking of "I think he'll appreciate that."
A/N: Although I managed to fit in this weeks AWDT prompt this fic was written for someone who has become very special to me as a friend this year - [ profile] earth_magic. The inspiration for this fic comes from [ profile] mizbean's Prelude Series, and the title is from a song on the Cabaret soundtrack.

Written for [ profile] earth_magic and [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali’s AWDT.

Tomorrow belongs To Me )
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Title: La Fashionista
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Rating: PG-13 for some swearing
Pairing: H/D
Word Count: 854
Summary: Harry and Draco discover they have a mutual interest, but will they ever get to enjoy it?
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: [ profile] autumnlecroix *hugs*
Prompt: A door opened behind him/her
Written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali’s AWDT.

La Fashionista )
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Title: The Aftermath
Author: [ profile] luciology
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: H/D
Word Count: 712
Summary: Harry and Draco suffer the consequences of their bargain.
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: The ever wonderful [ profile] autumnlecroix
A/N This follows on from last weeks fic The Art of Persuasion with an attempt to use the prompt Are you gonna be my girl?
Written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali’s AWDT.

The Aftermath )
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Title: The Art of Persuasion
Author: [ profile] lusiology
Pairing: H/D
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 622
Summary: Harry tries to offer Draco an incentive, but Draco turns the tables on him.
Warnings: Humour
Disclaimer: No ownership, no money.
Beta: The ever wonderful [ profile] autumnlecroix.
Prompt ”Don’t forget about me.” Written for [ profile] jamie2109 and [ profile] nocturnali’s AWDT.

The Art of Persuasion )


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